No! The Earth Will Not Go Dark This Month

It's all fake! All of it!

The hoax is back once again and it claims that Earth will go dark from November 15-30.

As good as this sounds it’s completely false and no, NASA has not confirmed it either!

People are getting this idea from another astronomical event, between Venus and Jupiter.

Some people even went as far as saying NASA has issued a “1,000-page document” on the event for the White House, Which is false also,

The Hoax has been going since 2011 and finds a way to pop up every few years and each time people believe it and it’s ridiculous.

It didn’t go dark in 2011, 2014, or 2015, and it’s not going to go dark for 15 days in November this year.

Even though it’s fake, Would you like this to happen? Let us know! @XTRARADIO on Twitter.



Philip Doherty

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