The iPhone X Is Actually Cheap To Make!

This is crazy!

Back in September at the Apple Keynote event Apple announced some serious things like iOS 11, iPhone 8, Apple Watch series 3 and much more,

The biggest announcement was the iPhone X which is the first iPhone to be all screen!

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I mean, look at it! It’s amazing, right?  We also took a look at the price which starts at €1,179! Anyone else selling everything they own?

We also wanted to find out just how much it costs to make one of these phones so we did some digging,

According to IHS Markit, The iPhone X actually costs around $370 to produce,

It’s safe to say Apple is making quite the profit on the newest iPhone!

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Do you have an iPhone X? Is it worth the price? Tell us! @XTRARADIO over on Twitter!




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