Snapchat Is Getting A New Look!

Say goodbye to the Snapchat you know now!

With an app that has 178 million daily active users worldwide and 3 billion snaps sent a day, It’s pretty safe to say we all know Snapchat and how it works,

Now it’s about to change in a way that might confuse us a little bit as Snapchat is getting a new design on December 4th and this is to appeal to people over the age of 34 to try and attract new users.

The app will change in a way that it won’t split DMs from friends in the “Chat” section on the left from the “Stories” section on the right.

Instead, everything in your network will be in one place on the left side of the screen, the right will have videos and content from the likes of Buzzfeed as well as verified celebrities in a section called “Our Stories”.

They’re also adding some new features like custom  “Snapchat Lenses” and a new way that you can earn money from stories, That’s not all as a new Android app will launch also

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Philip Doherty

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