Samsung S7 can explode

Here are our 4 tips for charging your phone

It looks bleak for Samsung: it was already known that some Samsung Note 7’s could explode, and Samsung lost billions. Now there is even more bad news for the South Korean company.

Last month there was the case of a construction worker from Ohio who sued Samsung because a Samsung Galaxy S7 exploded in his pocket. The man burned his leg. There was someone whose S7 had caught on fire at night during charging it.

So, does the Samsung S7 explodes too?

The bad news for Samsung, which PhoneArena reported today that there is an S7 Edge flown into fire. The phone would have ignited when it was charging. Oh, oh.


Our 4 tips to correctly charge your phone

1. Don’t put your device in bed while charging but place it on your nightstand so that the unit can lose its heat while charging
2. Charge your device only when it is almost empty, two advantages: the battery charge will stay longer and the battery is used correctly
3. Do not use ‘vague 5 dollar chargers’. Use official charger that came with your phone

Tough times for Samsung?

Samsung manages to keep its head above water, but also when this phone has to be taken out of production, there will be very tough times for Samsung coming up.


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