Lauren Sanderson Has Released Her New EP, ‘Spaces’

Lauren Sanderson is an incredibly talented 21-year-old singer-songwriter who just released her second EP, ‘Spaces’.

Growing up Lauren listened to almost every type of music. She has super clear memories from when she was only five years, old of riding in the car with her mom and listening to old country music, like Faith Hill and Shania twain. Then a few years later, she claims her mom hit a “badass stage” because she got the Ciiara “My Goodies” album and that was the first hip hop/rap album she ever knew all the words to. Around that time was when she really fell in love with the way that type of music made her feel.

However, even though Lauren loved music from such a young age she didn’t actually realize that she wanted to be a musician until after she had already made her first song. She got messages from people saying that her song had inspired them and after that, it was game over. She knew that she had to keep making songs.

Nowadays she looks up to artists like Blackbear, Modsun, Machine Gun Kelly, G-eazy, and anyone who is just embracing/expressing their most honest selves. She absolutely loves that in an artist.

I was lucky enough to get the chance to ask Lauren some questions about ‘Spaces’, what’s up next for her, and more:

SH: “What was the most exciting part about creating ‘Spaces’?”

LS: “The most exciting part about ‘Spaces’ was about halfway through when I realized how limitless we are as people and as artists. It took a lot of trial and error when I first started writing cause I was just trying too hard to fit this mold that the industry insists we follow. But I realized halfway through, like, people like my music because it DOESN’T follow perfect cookie cutter “standards”. I just do what I want. After that realization, I started creating much more freely. That was a huge relief.”

SH: “What is your favorite song on the EP and why?”

LS: “I think my favorite song off this EP would literally depend what mood I was in when you asked. I like “Time” and “Conversations” because I feel like those capture a true, full message on their own. “Time” is my first song actually talking about my outlook/mindset on success. “Conversations” is about a girl. But then there’s “Written in The Stars” where I get super personal about my past. BUT THEN SPACES AND LOS ANGELES ARE SO MUCH ABOUT MY FUTURE AND STUFF. Sh*t, I don’t know. I guess we’ll wait till the live show. :)”

SH: “What is your favorite part about being an artist? Writing, recording, touring, or something else?”

LS: “My favorite part about being artist is DEFINITELY touring — hearing stories about how my music has impacted people, seeing people crying in the crowd, meeting all the faces behind the @’s online. It’s just crazy. and now that this EP is out, I’m really focusing on putting together some tours and performing at some festivals down the road too.”

SH: “What was your reaction when you found out “Spaces” was #1 on the R&B chart?”

LS: “My first reaction was IN SHOCK. I was in my hotel, already recording on Photo Booth on my Mac so I could remember that moment forever. My first time hitting #1 on any chart honestly.. it was insane. It feels like such a blur because I was so in shock but I think I started jumping up and down on my bed.. at least in my head I was.”

SH: “Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?”

LS: “Always. I always want to say how much I love and appreciate them. This EP release means literally everything to me and I hope they connect with these songs the way I did writing them. Every song I make; I truly make to inspire. I hope these people truly FEEL what I’m saying and I hope it makes a difference in their lives. I’ll see you guys soon, I promise.”

SH: “What’s up next for you? Touring, promoting, working on more songs, or something else?”

LS: All of the above! every day I’m doing whatever I gotta do to continue moving forward. I am touring next month (SURPRISE), I’m doing as many interviews as I can right now, connecting with the people who are supporting the music, making merch, and ALWAYS making more music! Every day HAS to be a step forward. so that’s exactly what it’s gonna be!”

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