‘Shout Out To My Ex’ is HERE!’

And it's a bop!

The new Little Mix single “Shout Out To My Ex” has been released on digital music platforms tonight (Oct. 16) following a debut TV performance on “The X Factor UK”.

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“Shout Out To My Ex” is the lead single from the British girl group’s fourth studio album “Glory Days”, which will arrive in stores on November 18th.

“Shout Out To My Ex” is a Zayn Malik-inspired break-up anthem. There’s no denying that. Several are the credited writers of this song but I have the strong feeling Little Mix member Perrie Edwards was the one who had the most lyrical contribution – for it’s evident the inspiration for this song was her ugly split from the former One Direction star Zayn Malik. Perrie is the one who sings the opening verse and when you hear her sing what she sings (“Took four long years to call it quits”), you will without any doubt know that Zayn was the person in her mind.

Is “Shout Out To My Ex” a step forward career and music-wise for Little Mix? No, but it’s an intelligent release nonetheless. Everybody is going to want to hear the song because of the Zayn story. Massive sales and streams are guaranteed. But this isn’t a step forward for the group. They’re still too tied to the commercial chains of the music industry and their label’s demands. I need a “Destiny Fulfilled” from them already. Hopefully they will take the leap in the next album. It’s time to drop the ‘fun’ sound and get serious, girls. Make it happen in the next LP please!

Listen to ‘Shout Out To My Ex’

Check out their X-Factor UK Performance


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