Four from Brazil to the world.

A tiny list from Brazilian singers you should know.

Though Brazilian listeners prefers international pop/indie, they have such a great singers and bands. We made a tiny list from Brazilian singers you should know and enjoy.

1 – Anitta

For those that doesn’t know her, she is a singer that sings the ‘carioca funk’. Anitta has a new single Sim Ou Não (Part. Maluma) it’s on #30 on Billboard Brasil.


2 – Anavitoria

Anavitoria is written together, it’s not just a girl, but a duo formed by Ana Caetano and Vitoria Falcão, two talented girls. Their song “Singular” in two days already had more than one million views (today has already passed 1.5 million).


3 – Imerso

Imerso is a Brazilian band that plays alternative rock. It’s formed by Tyrone, André, Breno, Raphael  and Leonardo. These boys expect to convey  a message to people through songwriting. Their more know song is called “Lana”.


4 – Ana Gabriela

Ana Gabriela is a girl that posts cover videos on her Twitter and YouTube. She has such a great and beautiful voice.



If you wanna listen to them, here it goes:




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