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A Riverdale Connection for Shawn Mendes?

Shawn Mendes + Riverdale = THIS! Find out what it is here!

Shawn Mendes has a Riverdale connection? Who knew?!

So AJ Apa (who plays Archie) has been seen playing the guitar and working on music on the show, but it wasn’t just “for the show” – he legit is a musician!

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Before the show started, AJ was friends with Shawn Mendes (that’s a lot of hotness right there) and they worked on a “something” TOGETHER per Shawn and he called him “incredible”.

He says:

I love him. I did something with him that I can’t really talk about, because maybe it’ll be something in the future. It’s so cool to see all this stuff happen for him.

I mean I think we need this immediately right?

Obviously, it was some music, but how much? A whole album? Maybe when Riverdale breaks for the season they’ll release it!


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