Instagram Screenshot Message?

Is Instagram really alerting you at a screenshot?

Okay, I was shook for a sec too. But let’s get to the bottom of the rumour. After reading this make sure to follow me on Instagram too: @patrickvdhoek.


So, there are chances you’ve heard about the Instagram update that will send a notification to you when a screenshot of one of your pictures is taken. But wait a second: that’s not actually true.

But there was a update, right?

Yes, you are right. Recently there was a update, but it wasn’t with ‘this feature’ exactly. The platform added a feature that alerts you if a screenshot of your Snapchat DM is taken, not from your public pictures. But the alerts are only for these disappearing photos, not for actual public Instagram photos you’ve uploaded.

In Instagram’s own words, the DMs are pretty much exactly like Snapchats:

“Send anything you want, from inside jokes to your worst selfies. Unlike other messages in Direct, these photos and videos disappear from your friends’ inboxes after they have seen them. And you’ll see if they replayed it or took a screenshot.”

Stay calm and take a DEEP breath – like i did -. Your worst fear was not realized and you can carry on stalking anonymously.


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