Niall Horan #FlickerWorldTourCardiff REVIEW

Do you feel sad?
If you feel sad and Niall Horan is in your town, grab a ticket and go to see him!

After 4 years I’ve been able to see Niall live again. This time with his solo tour.
Last week I went to his concert of his own #FlickerWorldTour in Cardiff!

Niall is such a great person & singer and on stage is full of energy and happiness.
At 9pm he came on stage and started the concert with his new single “On The Loose” that made everyone dancing.
He kept singing all his songs from his debut album Flicker with which he treated all of us like his friends and made us cry out loud.
Then he sang Fools Gold & Drag Me Down from One Direction and trust me, you have been lucky to not to be next to me because seriously, I’ve cried all my tears.

At 10:30 pm the magic finished.
He went out of stage thanking everyone to be next to him on this amazing journey.


A big discovery for me has been Julia Michaels the opening act for Niall’s tour
Never heard anything from her before and I’ve been shocked! She is amazing and a great singer! I’m pretty sure that we will hear talking about her for so long because she deserves so much!



So my suggest is still the same.
If Niall Horan is in “This Town” you better don’t lose the “chonce” to see him live.








(All the photos have been taken by Margherita Schatten)


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