5 Things That Will Happen This Christmas

Every single year

It’s the season to be jolly right? Here are 12 things that will definitely happen this Christmas…

1 Forgetting batteries 

Every single year it’s the same deal, You or a relative open up that really cool present that requires batteries only to be betrayed by the ”Batteries not included” warning on the box

2 You’ll discover a new family member you never knew you had

”That’s your cousin, be nice!” Oh, I guess that’s another person not getting a present this year…

3 The joys of food!

All of the nice food is in the fridge! Great! until you hear ”Get away from that it’s for Christmas”

4 Mariah Carey 

She does it every year and you better get used to hearing voice topping the charts.

5 Home Alone

All 5 of time 3 times in a row and there’s nothing you can do about it!




Philip Doherty

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