No more diet coke?

Can you actually believe this?

Diet Coke is the Vegemite of the soda world – revolting to some, complete heaven to others. It’s the latter group who’ll be distressed to hear that their favorite caffeinated, artificially sweetened can of chemicals is going swiftly out of style.

A company that analyses consumer habits has found that fizzy drink lovers are shifting their tastebuds to non-diet soda. And when you stop buying something… it stops getting made.

But what’s with all the diet coke haters? Everyone knows a glass of fresh water is the best fuel for beautiful skin and a trim waistline.


Plus, more and more people are becoming savvy to the fact that diet drinks don’t make you skinny at all. Research has shown that the artificial sweeteners actually make you crave more junk food.

There’s no official word from Coca-Cola signalling the end of Diet Coke just yet – but consider this your first warning! Might be a good time to switch to fizzy water, anyway. No problem, right?



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