What your pizza order says about you..

Margherita, Pepperoni, BBQ Chicken, Ham and Pineapple...

Ever wondered what your pizza order says about you? Well, have a read of this…

Margherita: Some people might say you’re basic or somewhat predictable but you know what, you know what you like and keep to it. You don’t like complication in your life and just stick to things that are simple and easy.

Pepperoni: You’re uncomplicated and hate drama. Just because the order is uncomplicated doesn’t mean you live a simple life. It actually makes you quite popular because you live a drama free life and people love being around you. But hey, a word of advice, take life by the horns, sometimes you need a bit of a meat fest in your life. Order that meat lovers.

Meat Lovers: Nothing makes a statement quite like a pizza loaded up with every type of processed meat as humanly possible. You’re loud and proud but confused about what you actually want. You just load your life with a whole heap of things and hope it’s what you want.

Supreme: You don’t care what people say, you’re going to do things your way. You live your life to the fullest and love to jam pack your life full of adventure. Just like the Supreme pizza you’re full of surprises.

Ham and Pineapple: You’re a dreamer, so keep doing your thing. You don’t care if a piece of fruit really shouldn’t be on a pizza, you’ll throw in on anyway. You don’t conform to social norms; you will do things your way. So keep chucking on that pineapple people. You do you.

BBQ Chicken: You strive for more in life. You could just order plain, bland, regular chicken but that’s not the type of person you are. You live your life going that extra mile and probably will grow up to be very successful. Everyone wants to be around you; everyone just loves you.

So. What kind of Pizza are you?!


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