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Iggy Azalea & 50 Cent Back Nicki Minaj In Her Feud

With Steve Madden. Ladies and Gentleman... Buckle up because this one's gonna be quite the read. Contains explicit language.

Alright, ladies and gentleman, buckle up cause this one’s gonna be quite the read.

As fans know, Nicki Minaj recently called a truce in her feud with Cardi B. However, the end of their feud marked the start of a new one as shoe designer Steve Madden decided to insert himself into the rappers’ beef after they had already squashed it.

It all started when Nicki claimed, during her and Cardi’s social media war earlier this week, that she was offered Cardi’s shoe deal with Steve Madden first. “Same thing with Steve Madden. Irv Gotti asked me to do that deal several times. I passed. You never hear me talking bout things like this. she rlly thought she was doing smthn talking about turning down deals,” she wrote. Hours later, after Cardi and Nicki called a truce, Steven, for some unknown reason, thought it best to come for Nicki by accusing her of lying. “@NickiMinaj you can’t turn down an offer that was never made. #StopLying.”

First to drag Steve was 50 Cent, who drudged up an ancient interview where Steve himself admitted to wanting to work with Nicki. “I was gonna do a collaboration with Nicki Minaj and we got into a fight the first minute we met,” Steve told Vibe Magazine in the 2015 interview. “And then we patched it up. We were cool. We text each other, we became sort of buddies. We were thinking of doing something, and I would’ve, but I was with Iggy [Azalea] and I thought, ‘Coke and Pepsi.’ It was a mistake. I made a mistake and I wish that I could go back in time and work with Nicki instead of Iggy.” 50 cent captioned his receipts, “I guess he forgot he spoke on this already. SMH. liar.”

Nicki then doubled down on her previous statements about Steve, commenting, “This ho* a** ni**a came to my house in Malibu with Irv Gotti beggin me to do the deal! My manager Gee Roberson was there. Can’t believe grown a** men getting on the internet lying like h*es.” She later added, “You then did a deal w/ Iggy & she hated the pics you used & went in on you online. Im sure Irv told you to post this lie. Respond to @50cent.”

Iggy wasted no time replying to Nicki’s post: “This is facts… I’m not on no one side but Steve lying like sh*it.” Adding, “Steve is a f**k boy. He did some sidebar sh*t [with] my deal said I had full creative control, couldn’t handle being called out on it and then tried to publicly backtrack. Boy bye.”

With 50, Iggy, and Nicki joining forces, it seemed Steve thought it best to retract his previous statement by issuing a public apology. “@NICKIMINAJ is an incredibly talented artist but we couldn’t work together cuz the timing wasn’t right. @iamcardib came on the scene and I had a fantastic collaboration with her, and she is also an amazing talent,” he wrote on Twitter Wednesday (October 31). “I love both @NICKIMINAJ and @iamcardib music. I hope they can reach some peace — together they could probably take over the world. There is a lot of negativity out there right now, and I shouldn’t have contributed to that. -Steve.”. However, Steve’s apology was too little too late for Nicki, who responded: “Eat a di*k ni**a. You lied on me cuz it was the trendy thing 2do! Ain’t nobody buyin that clown sh*t. We couldn’t work together cuz I said the shoes were ugly. You see how when you do clownery it comes back to bite? WE NOT BUYING IT!!!!!! Respond to 50 instead of picking on women.”


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