Sofi Tukker talk New Music, Tour, and Friendships

I had the pleasure of sitting down and catching up with Sofi Tukker and got to talk about new music, tour, and best friends in our interview!

On March 3rd, the famous duo Sofi Tukker, played in the Botanica Music Festival in San Antonio, Texas. Luckily, I attended the event and had the pleasure of sitting down and catching up with them! Although they had a hectic schedule with flights and stage times, we thankfully got an interview.


Sofi Tukker is a musical duo consisting of the beautiful and talented Sophia Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern. They started off their music career in 2014 but didn’t release their first EP titled “Soft Animals” until two years later in 2016.

Today, they are mostly known by their hit song “Best Friend” which was featured in Apple’s iPhone X commercial on September of last year. With that huge jump, they have been going all over the place performing in concerts, festivals, and even TV appearances.

With their busy schedule of playing in events all the time, I got to ask them a few questions about their new music, a tour, and even about how they came to be the Sofi Tukker!

Your single “Best Friends” is a hit, how did that come to be?

Sophie: Um, we were in Florida, Tucker was in the garage making a beat, making that [noise] part; I walked in and that’s when one of my best friends from college and was like “Oh my god, I love this so much”.

Tucker: Yeah- then we just sent it to a couple friends ’cause it was already about friendship and it’s a song that we made with a bunch of friends, kind of just for fun and then it just, kinda took on its own life.

Speaking of friends, how did you two meet?

Tucker: We met in college at Brown University. It was our senior year and we actually never even met or saw each other before that, it’s not that big of a school.

And after you guys did meet, how it the duo come to be? Who said it first, “hey let’s make a duo!”?

Sophie: That was Tuck.


Tucker: Yeah, I guess I did. She definitely like, it was definitely organically happened.  Like it made sense, it wasn’t like I was like determined to find a band mate or anything it just like happened and worked really well. But I was probably the one who was like “change all your life plans and let’s do this”.

Me: Yeah, like let’s do this and hopefully go on the road, okay that’s cool, and umm-

Tucker: Let’s hopefully go on the road, eventually. Yeah we didn’t know how fast things-

Well I mean you guys are doing music festivals or?

Tucker: Oh no we don’t. We’ve been on the road now for two years but at the time it was like…

Me: Oh at the time

Tucker: Let’s hopefully do this

Me: Let’s hope this gets us to-

Tucker: Yeah I don’t even have an apartment anymore

Since I’ve been obsessed with their music lately, I couldn’t give up the opportunity so of course I asked about new music and what’s coming up! This is what they had to say about it:

So after the success of this song people are definitely wanting to hear more from you guys, is there an album in the works? An EP maybe?

Sophie: Yeah we put up our next song on Friday [Baby, I’m A Queen] and then-

Tucker: We just announced-

Sophie: Give them a preview and the album is coming out in April.

Tucker: Yeah we just announced that we’re coming out with an album in April.

The sound, is it gonna change from the previous projects you’ve put out?

Sophie: I think there is definitely some continuity but we’ve evolved and we’ve kind of tried out a couple different… pallets

Tucker: It’s kind of always changing and staying us. Like, I don’t think there is that much of a, you know, you could say “Best Friend” or “Drinkee” are different… but it’s just us and just things we love

Me: They’re both “Sofi Tukker”

Both: Yeah

Tucker: It’s just like, if we love it and have fun with it we don’t really care if it sounds like our old songs or not.

Now, if you were to have a mistake or a mess up on stage, how do you guys get over that? How do you go on from it?

Sophie: It happens all the time, we just keep going.

Tucker: Yeah, we’ll talk about it after the show maybe and say “My fault, we won’t do that again”. Sometimes if it’s really big we’ll say sorry, ’cause we rely on each other to be on point, but it’s never big.



We also asked other questions during this interview that we gladly recorded, and you can now watch on YouTube:

Since this interview, Sofi Tukker have announced that their upcoming album “Treehouse” is available everywhere on April 13th and their new single “Baby, I’m A Queen” is out now on every digital music platform.


Chris San Miguel