Say Hello To Ditto! The New Dating App With A Twist

This will change the game!

Online dating in 2018 is tough and for a lot of us Tinder is just missing something (WHO PAYS FOR PREMIUM!)

Now a change has come about with this new app called Ditto.

The app has a twist though as you can see above, Ditto will only allow you to match with one person at a time, until you or the other individual unmatches.

When you get a match you or the other person can no longer swipe other people (Who has time to talk to John & Bob at the same time anyways)

If you decide John isn’t the guy for you or Lisa isn’t the girl for you then just unmatch

you are given the following options to send as a reason:

* Inappropriate messages
* Not enough chemistry
* Long response times
* Showed little interest
* No real reason

Philip Doherty

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