My Favorite Christmas recipes

By Gordon Ramsay you don't wanna miss!

Christmas is almost here, and what I personally love about Christmas is coming together with my family and share all those stories from ‘when I was young’ – which I have heard only once… Got it?

I love to cook…

First of all, let me tell you that I love to cook. I love to experiment with herbs and spices. Get good meat or good fish and start cooking!

Here are some recipes from my favorite Chef Gordon Ramsay. I always open up Youtube to watch Gordon’s shows (Like Hell’s Kitchen) and cooking videos, but when I start with one single video, I can’t stop watching more and more. Apart from the fact that Gordon has great understanding of cooking and always has tasty food and fun recipes, he is also a very kind man and enjoys cooking with his children. Since I also have two sisters, I enjoy watching him cooking with family.

This Christmas I want to make some recipes from Gordon Ramsay, and I got a great idea: make a filled turkey and some small dishes on the side. I wanted something else than the traditional ‘Christmas Stuff’. Here we go.

Slices of Olive, Tomato and Rosemary Focaccia

Christmas is – like I said before – a lot of talking, meeting with your family and loved ones. You want to do a couple of drinks but don’t fill your stomaches too fast, because you want to fully enjoy all the food that’s coming next, right? I found this delicious Focaccia. I personally like mines with grated cheese on top.

Christmas Turkey with Gravy

Let’s continue with the Christmas Turkey, with gravy. It’s simple to make, you have to be patient, listen carefully and pay attention to what Gordon tells you about cooking turkey properly. This Christmas Turkey is on my opinion the BEST roasted turkey EVER. I know it looks dirty to put your hands inside a turkey, but trust me on this: it will be good and you can always wash your hands afterwards (which I recommend you doing.. Ha!)

I never knew that putting butter under the turkeys’ skin, would turn out so well.

For cutting the turkey, here are some tips that may come in handy: click here

Pork Neck Curry w/ Mango Salsa

I love curries, and I know: in a traditional Christmas diner with your family, you won’t serve curry – at least, I never did -. But lets spice things up (got the joke?).
Serve with some Basmati Rice (as I like it personally, but you may use other rice too).

Dessert: Little Chocolate Tarts

For dessert, serve those cute little Chocolate Tarts. On the table add some powdered sugar on top with a ball of vanilla ice. I guarantee you: this will be TASTY.

That’s it!

I’m a little bit early, but I -and the rest of the XTRA RADIO Team- wish you a Lovely Merry Christmas, and let us know which recipes you liked the most, and going to cook this Christmas. Also make sure you follow @GordonRamsay on Twitter and subscribe to his Youtube Channel here.

Photo © Ian Derry


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