Watch Niall perform “Slow Hands” on ‘Today Show’

Fans are going crazy! Watch now!

Niall Horan had his own “Today” show concert in New York City on Monday. Check out the video below!

Despite rainy weather, hundreds of fans flocked to Rockefeller Plaza on Memorial Day to see the One Direction member perform solo. Horan started his set with his current single, “Slow Hands.” He went on to do “This Town”, which was his debut song as a solo artist.

Asked about embarking on this new phase of his career, Horan told the morning show’s anchors, “It’s obviously been different, but I’ve just been enjoying it. Everything is completely from me. Every single lyric, every single, you know, music, every part of the musical instruments, it’s all come from me. I’m really enjoying that side of it.”

A full-length album is in the works, but still a ways away. “I’m going to be doing a lot of traveling this summer with ‘Slow Hands,’ going around and doing all the TVs and interviews and stuff around the world, so I’m going to be busy all summer,” Horan explained.

In one poignant moment during this morning’s concert, prior to performing “This Town,” he said, “Before I start, I’d like to dedicate it to the people who lost their lives in Manchester last week. It was a very sad thing. It’s the least I could do, just dedicate a song.” Watch the videos below.


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