PRETTYMUCH Shows No Sign of Slowing Down With “Open Arms”



The boys of PRETTYMUCH are showing no sign of slowing down! (From left to right:) Nick, Brandon, Zion, Edwin, and Austin have been on a roll releasing single after single.





PRETTYMUCH is one of the newest boybands formed by Simon Cowell in 2016. Although they were formed in 2016, they released their debut single “Would You Mind” earlier this year in July. As their debut, that song peaked at #40 on Billboard’s Mainstream Top 40 chart. These boys were exposed to the world when they performed their debut single on the Teen Choice Awards.






A few months later, in September, they shocked the world with another one of their bangers “Teacher” where they leave an instrumental part at the end of the song so they can dance like they did on MTV’s new show TRL.







Just a few weeks later, the boys are back at it again and released a highly-anticipated song named “Open Arms“. Their fans, the BEANZ first fell in-love with this song when they performed it for the first time back in July at Pandora‘s Sounds Like You: Summer exclusive concert. This song is different from their first two: in this song, they start off the song with a slow melody full of vocals that slowly builds up into an upbeat fun song.



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Open Arms



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