Nicki Calls Out Insecurities In A Speech

She couldn’t help to tell what it takes to show insecurities.

Nicki Minaj is at the top of her game right now — she recently became the female artist with the most hits on the Billboard Hot 100 — and during a candid speech at the 2017 Los Angeles Fashion Awards, she couldn’t help but acknowledge the badassery it takes to show insecurities and make mistakes in such a public life.

“We all have insecurities,” the rapper declared. “I want to say, shout out to all of the kickass women, not only in this room, but all around the world. You know what, we win and fail in the public eye. That’s not easy to do. People think they know what it requires. People think they can do it. Everybody wants to walk in your shoes, until you put them in your shoes.”

She also touched on the difficulties of cyberbullying, and how hard it is to hold your head high when you’re being beaten down by hateful messages all throughout the day.

“It takes guts, it takes balls to fail and to make mistakes in the public eye,” she continued, “and to read s**tty comments about yourself every f***ing day and to still have a beautiful f***ing smile on your f***ing face.’

“I love you guys so much for believing in me,” she concluded. “I took some time off to rest, and now it’s game time, b*tches.”

We’d like to give a shout out to Nicki for not only keeping it real (as always), but for acknowledging the specific kind of strength that comes from living life in such a public way. It’s not the haters that will bring you down — instead, showing that strength in the face of such hardship is what will carry you forward. And that’s solid advice for everyone, not just celebs.

Photo: Getty Images


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