Lauren Jauregui & Other Women Deserve Respect From Social Media Platforms

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To start off:

Okay, so there is A TON of stuff I want to cover in this article, but I’m going to try my hardest not to just rant because I’m trying to be classy over here.

Recently in the media I have noticed an absurd amount of topics being covered that honestly just don’t deserve any attention at all. Yes, I do understand that obviously people like to hear about their favorite celebrities and what’s going on in their lives, but in all honesty more than half of that stuff isn’t even our business. Please keep in mind that celebrities do deserve respect and privacy, and if you really do “love” them you can simply prove it to them by showing them the respect they deserve. Going off of that point, there is also an insanely high number of celebrities who are frequently sexualized. Half of the time I can’t even stand to look at the comments on celebrities Instagram’s or responses to their twitter posts. The things some people say are truly disgusting and it makes absolutely zero sense to me why someone would even feel comfortable posting those things.

My thoughts:

Lauren Jauregui speaking at the Urban Outfitters panel

If you know me, you know how much I love Lauren Jauregui and admire her in every way possible. Naturally, of course I think she’s beautiful and admire her for how talented she is, but I’d have to say my overall favorite qualities about her are her mind, her passion to help others and how motivated she is to educate the world on current issues. There is so much more to someone than their body, and when people continue to sexualize her (and other women in media) it enrages me. That being said, with many media outlets recently commenting on personal aspects of Laurens life, along with sexualizing the absolute sh*t out of her I made it my mission to prove to her and other social media outlets that her personal life and her body are not the only things that should be reported on.

Lauren Jauregui at the Urban Outfitters panel

At first I was just going to write one long article about how amazing, genuine, passionate, and intelligent Lauren is, but I decided to take a different approach. I ended up reaching out to Laurens fans and asked them to dm my personal twitter (@sydneyhajduk) things that they admire the most about her. The response from them was incredible (like they borderline broke my phone) and I have included many of the fans messages below. Each fan admires her for something completely different and its incredible that she can effect so many people in such a wide variety of ways. I don’t think I could have worded my admiration for Lauren any better than these fans did. I hope that other social media platforms take these fans opinions on Lauren into consideration the next time they decide to write an article about her or any other celebrity for that matter. WE WANA HEAR ABOUT HER GORGEOUS MIND, HER CHARITY WORK, AND THE WAY SHE EDUCATES HER FANS WHILE SIMULTAMIOUSLY FIGHTING FOR WHAT SHE BELIEVES IN (sorry I got a little aggressive there, but you get the point).


Fan messages:

“She loves people so passionately and wholeheartedly. She would never judge anyone and that’s so rare in this world today. To her it doesn’t matter where you come from, what you look like or who you fall in love with. She just accepts and loves you the way you are. And I thinks that’s beautiful!” –@normanisview

“The way she uses her voice to speak about what she’s passionate about. How she cares about women’s rights and human rights and encourages anyone and everyone to stand up for what they believe in and how to stand up for others in need.” – @MiaTheMost

“She’s one of the person I thank profusely for my political awakening. She’s opened my eyes to think about more than myself and my bubble of life. She’s inspired me to get active and be more aware of what’s effecting my community. She’s more than just her looks and every time she RTs something or does a panel you see the passion and it just makes you want to be apart of something bigger than yourself.” – @5HsReese

“Lauren isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in and speak on issues that really matter. It’s amazing because she’s basically educating her whole entire fan base.” –@NTljauregui

“She’s always helping people and inspiring others to do the same. And I’m so in love with the way she loves kids, like seriously, have you seen how cute and adorable she’s with them?!” –@shaymitcharg

“Lauren is a QUEEN. doesnt begin to even describe, she inspires people to speak up about what they thing is important and matters to them and not to be afraid to be who they are and encourages self love, and positivity. She encourages people to see the beauty even in what may seem of the darkest of things, never take her words for grated she is so beautiful in every way. ‘it doesnt matter where you came from what happened to you all have the potential to reach a place where you can love your self, and accept yourself and be yourself'” – @dinahsHellaCute

“She’s a voice for the people who are afraid to use theirs. I’m so glad she’s using the platform she was given for serious matters in this world” –@blondesolo

“Lauren’s relentless fight for what is right” –@bbays24

“I love Lauren’s outlook on the world. She’s made me think things from a different point of view. See things that I couldn’t see before. She’s such an inspiring person, and i hope to be just as wonderful and outspoken as her one day.” –@khacker17



I only used pictures from the day Lauren spoke at the Urban Outfitters panel because that day was iconic and I’m so proud of her for speaking about those topics.

You can view videos of her speaking on her Instagram below:


In Conclusion:

My main goal in this article was to report on how many media platforms are way too invested in the lives of celebrities and how wrong it is for them to sexualize women as well. But that is not the only thing wrong with many forms of media now. There are so many things occurring around the world, that rarely get reported on. I commend sites that report on real new instead of writing about which celebrities are currently dating or who might have gotten a boob job this week. Although this article didn’t directly focus on the issue of global news I have included links below to some good articles on relevant news around the world today. I hope you take the time to read them because the world desperately needs to be more educated on these topics. Finally, if you see something going on in the world that you don’t like, go out there and make a difference. No matter how small you think you might be, I promise you that your voice will make a difference.

Keep in mind that these are only a few articles, there’s so many other things going on in the world too. Feel free to click around the website and educate yourselves on other current events too!


Written by: Sydney Hajduk

(Instagram: @sydhajduk8, Twitter: @sydneyhajduk)

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