Lady Gaga Hanging Out With DJ White Shadow Again?

Lady Gaga told Little Monsters that she'd have new music to play on her upcoming tour.

Lady Gaga told Little Monsters that she’d have new music to play on her upcoming “Joanne World Tour” and it looks like that she might still be on track to make that a reality, as per a new Instagram Story from DJ White Shadow.

Dj White Shadow on Instagram…

Geplaatst door Lady Gaga Now op donderdag 13 juli 2017

On Friday (July 14), the man responsible for some of Gaga’s hits like “Born This Way,” “Edge of Glory” and “Applause” took to Instagram Story to share a three-second clip with “The Cure” playing in the background and a chair labeled LG. If you recall, DJ White Shadow was partially responsible for co-writing Mother Monster’s most recent single, which she premiered during her headlining gig at Coachella. If he’s side-by-side of Gaga as she rehearses for her upcoming trek, it might lead one to believe that she’s recording with the hitmaker.

In a recent interview, the producer said that he recently spent six weeks working on new material with the pop star. “When she did Joanne, I was there all the time,” he recalled. “I was there listening to stuff and going over stuff. She was making a record that I knew I couldn’t really contribute to, but I was there and listening and talking about what it was and trying to figure out how to do things. I couldn’t contribute, but that didn’t stop us from being friends.”

Keep in mind that’s six weeks separate from their time during her Joanne recording sessions, so keep your fingers crossed, Little Monsters. Gaga’s next era in music might be coming sooner than expected!


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