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Is Ariana Grande Going to Co-Host Catfish?

It has been revealed by showrunner Nev Schulman that Ariana Grande has expressed an interest in co-hosting on the MTV series Catfish!

According to a report from, Nev Schulman and Ariana Grande could have a collaboration incoming following a photo she posted online.

In an airport interview, TMZ asked Nev who his dream Catfish co-host would be. ‘I didn’t even know it had happened, but a couple of weeks ago I started getting a lot of mentions on Instagram,’ he began. ‘People were saying ‘Oh my God! Oh My God! Ariana Grande is watching Catfish!”

‘So I go to her Instagram page, and honestly it was kinda the coolest thing ever. The button says ‘Follow back,’ Schulman said with excitement.

The pair started a conversation on Instagram, and Grade explained she’d ‘love to come on the show.’ Schulman noted that Grande is extremely busy—she’s currently on tour—but seems hopeful for future appearances. ‘Fingers crossed when we start making more episodes, maybe Ariana will do one.’


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