Harry Styles wearing Selena Gomez merch?

Confirmed fan of Selena!

We all know Harry Styles isn’t shy to try out different styles (pun not intended) just look at what he wore at the iHeartRadio Music Festival

Picture : Billboard

Certainly a surprise but at he can pull it off!

On Tuesday, Harry’s Spotify page added two special recordings — his new single “Two Ghosts,” and a cover of Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush.”

Harry apparently recorded the songs for the streaming site last month at the Metropolis Studios in London before embarking on his world tour.

In the photos of him recording for Spotify it seems he’s just decided for a t-shirt and jeans but take a closer look and you’ll see a vintage Selena Gomez tee from her 2010 world tour.

Harry was asked if he had a favorite song right now. “Do you know what, I actually really like that ‘Bad Liar’ song, the Selena Gomez tune?” Harry said. “I like that tune a lot.”

Will we see him record a cover of ‘Bad Liar’? who knows!


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