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Billie Eilish Is Kinda Loving Self-Quarantining

No FaceTime at all for Billie Eilish? What's up with that?

Everybody is handling this era of self quarantining in their own way. For extroverts, it’s been incredibly hard to stay home and significantly slow down their socializing and day-to-day activities, but for others, like introverts, it’s been a welcomed time to reconnect with themselves and take a break from an overpacked schedule and that includes our girl Billie Eilish.

“I’ve been really enjoying being alone,” she told German Podcast Telekon Electronic Beats. “It’s been nice. I feel like everybody else on the Internet has been on FaceTime all day long with their friends. But, for me, I haven’t had this much time off since I was 12.”

That’s not to say she doesn’t miss seeing her friends though, especially those with equally busy careers that cause them to almost never get together.

“Normally when I’m home that’s the only time I get to see [my friends],” she added. “And now I’m stuck home finally and I can’t see them, which is super weird.”

But Billie has company in her parents, brother and two puppies she’s fostering now named Jim and Miss Maudie after To Kill a Mockingbird characters.


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