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Everybody was in shock…

When the cat appeared in the Lynx cage...

Yesterday I talked about cute dogs and puppies, today is about cats and lynxes. A lynx is not only a beautiful cat, it is the largest animal in the cat family and they are all good hunters. An adult lynx weighs between 20 and 30 kilos and has no problems with bringing down a deer or cow that crosses his path.

These beautiful creatures are also known for their shyness and therefore they always keep away from humans and other animals. They will therefore expel you from their territory.

I found a news story about a lynx and a cat that i’d wanted to share with you. One day a cat got into a cage of a lynx. The visitors were terrified when the Lynx approached the cat. Most probably the visitors of the St. Petersburg Zoo thought the lynx would attack the cat. But they were wrong.

A photographer was on the spot and was filming the incident. Watch the video below.

Isn’t this cute?

On my blog this weekend…

This weekend i’ll be posting several blogs about Christmas. One is about Gordon Ramsay, I’ve put ten dishes in a row to cook this Christmas. Make sure you don’t miss those dishes and follow Gordon Ramsay on Twitter.


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